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Su carburettor problems

su carburettor problems 5 in. The bushings and shafts can be replaced, but it requires some machining. When the carburetor is out of adjustment, it means the air/fuel screw and the balance between two or more carburetors need to be adjusted. Original SU XKE 42 Replacement Carburetor kit. H Type: The H type was the first post war model, and used a cork sealed jet tube that was lowered for enrichment by brass or steel levers. If the rod is not properly bent/positioned the toilet will `run' all the time or there will not be enough water in the tank for a proper flush. 3. The more affluent gnomes build their homes in the diaphragm chamber, and so are unaffected. A mistune, on the other hand, can create all kinds of problems. The concentrics are still available and I understand now they are available with chrome brass slides which should help the wear problem. Truck is running great. Carburetors are on almost all types of combustion engines. With the exception of the black exhaust smoke, these problems could also be caused by incorrect ignition timing or distributor faults, so check the ignition system before assuming the fault lies with The inability to maintain a correct slow idle setting can be caused by numerous problems, including: vacuum leaks, timing, slow idle screw setting, vacuum retard, stuck temperature compensator, incorrectly fitted or lose throttle disk, stuck choke to name some of the more common areas to be investigated. But the way the Weber operates is quite cunning. autotran. Carb Rebuilding Services I offer SU, SU Hitachi, Zenith & Zenith Stromberg carburetor rebuilding & restoration service. So if it develops any sort of issue, it can throw off this mixture and affect engine performance. Flooding is when there is so much gas getting into the carburetor it is flowing over the top, running out of the throttle shaft, or perhaps a vent tube. SU carburetors operate on a system variously known as “variable venturi”, “variable choke”, “constant pressure”, or “constant depression”. bag-world. This carburetor is designed to keep constant flow of intake air through the venturi under all engine speeds. Anyway this car has been in my garage under cover for the last 17 years and would not run for a variety of reasons. MG MGB Technical - Leaking SU Carb Problem Fixed I thought that I would share with the club the solution that I found for fuel leaking from the rear SU carburetor's overflow vent. The carburetor is the main component responsible for metering and delivering the air fuel mixture required for the engine to run. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If your engine is not running correctly, always check your ignition system first of all as this is the problem in most cases. Early SU floats were soldered brass and had a tendency to leak and not float. 203 to 235mm. TT2939 . Morris Minor SU 1. www. This kit includes the 3 HD8 SU Carburetors with a polished Intake Manifold, the intake trumpets all gaskets, hoses and the linkages needed to fit this kit. Carburetor - drawings, charts, and a how-to guide. The problem with the narrower profile units is that the air has to make a restrictive sharp turn into the the mouth of the carb, and so the use of sub-stacks are recommended. 90 in the U. Standard bolt spacing is the 2 1/4, 2 3/8, and 2 11/16". Examine the needles for straightness and damage. 2 Off-idle circuit 4. www. Of course, this was a problem with dept. These bronze bushes take a lot of abuse over the years and the bushes become egg shaped from the spring tension of the linkage and allow air to pass behind the butterfly valve. Many of the SU pumps are equipped with a single contact point set which can be replaced with a dual point set without any modification for longer point life and increased efficiency. Look at all the different screws on the carburetor until you spot the gold one with a flat slotted head. Removing The Carburettor Before you can remove the carburettor you must first take off the air cleaner, then disconnect the fuel feed pipe which will be secured by some form of screw clip and pull off the engine breather and vacuum advance pipes if your car has them. Zenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500) Another conversion by Howard Baugues The most likely problem with your current SU carbs is the wear that takes place on the throttle shaft bushings. Abingdon Spares will be hosting British Carburetor expert Joe Curto on Saturday, March 31, 2018. 8%, Location: New South Wales, Ships to: AU, Item: 153500450016 HOLDEN 6 RED 202 TRIPLE SU CARBURETTOR REDLINE MANIFOLD 12-68. Unfortunately, a cylinder isn’t the most aerodynamic shape, so the airflow entering the SU invariably strikes a vertical wall before accomplishing anything else for the engine. Always adjust all idle mixture screws evenly. . In the post war era SU became the carburetor of choice for many English car manufacturers. Many people are calling As Before tuning the carburettor, carry out all the checks in Checking and cleaning an SU carburettor , and bring the engine up to normal working temperature. If this is the case, the fitting of new throttle shafts and seals will be required. The problem with fuel flow, clog or overflow, is either at the float valve or with the thimble size screen at the input port in the float cover. Benz soon patented the speed regulation system, the ignition using sparks with battery, the spark plug, the carburetor, the clutch, the gear shift, and the water radiator. Abingdon Spares will be hosting British Carburetor expert Joe Curto on Saturday, March 31, 2018. A popular single carb conversion for Nortons is using a SU off a car. Andrew Turner - Carburettor Specialist Welcome to Andrew Turner Carburettor Specialist website, we hope that you find it interesting and informative. £15. 521 likes · 1 talking about this. The Weber 500 carburettor came with my new engine. Page 1 of 3 - Su Dashpot Oil Choice - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: I am going to use an SU HIF 44 to fuel my 1380 engine when it,s rebuilt, i,ve read in various publications that a 5W type synthetic oil is best for the dashpot. The dashpot is a precision piece of machining that involves very close tolerances so that the piston doesn’t stick or bind when it rises and falls. SU Carbs - Poor idle quality. One carburettor can easily hold the other carburettor open. Shop by Size. It was clear to me that not enough fuel was being drawn to the engine and was, therefore, a carburetor problem. A bad gasket will cause the motor to stall out at idle or vibrate badly. co. . Other problems that SU carbs experience involve dirt in the dashpot and occasionally in the float chamber. . Mine site on top of an Edelbrock Performer manifold. Setting SU Carburetors The "art" of needle swapping and tuning SUs, great article! SU Needle database Another SU Carburetor Needle Selection Chart Zenith to Twin SU Carb Conversion (US 1500) More great info from Paul Tegler. I had an intermittent, but substantial leak, from only the rear carburetor. Fix the ignition system first, replace all old gasoline with clean fresh gas. If the engine RPM changes suddenly, you’ve found the problem. Island Automotion specializes in the restoration of SU and Stromberg carbuetors. In these days of high fuel prices and global warming, it makes a lot of sense to get your vehicle running as well as possible to improve fuel economy and minimise emissions. classic mini su carburettor float chamber gasket auc8459 hs2 hs4 hs6 carb 2ge5 £1. management more than anything, but if you want to know why I deeply dislike allen screws, there is your answer. We did have an excellent contributing editor here, from Burlen Fuel Systems (now the owners of the SU), so of course Wikipedia did it's usual teenager behaviour and threw them out on their ear. That is not the problem described in this case. 1 ¼” Deep. Any fine tuning of this the new carburettor very much depends on the Carb. A used jet bearing for su hs carburetters, might be of use to someone for spares or part of a rebuild. Your can source needles directly by following this link. You can then use a screwdriver to adjust both screws ¼ turn at a time until your engine purrs smoothly. A long time ago a friend of mine told me this was a very difficult carb to understand. Sometimes even if your carburetor and manifold have the same bore shape, the manifold flange isn't large enough so an adapter is still recommended. 25 Austin Healey Sprite Mk 2 948 1098 1961-64 - HS SU Carb JET FEED PIPE SEALS If the throttle shafts are very worn, air will leak by them and cause a fast idle. In reply to JoeyM : most carb problems are really electrical problems. We can now plot & graph ignition systems to a better level, as our PHORMULA knock system has now being able to pin point problems on classic older engines on the Chassis Dyno. SU carbs are dirt simple. Shop by Size. This loss is avoidable if a speed-density system measures the airflow. also when i use the choke fuel shoots out of the same carb. • If engine speed momentarily rises, then returns to idle, then mixture is correct. If the rubber grommets deteriorate they can leak fuel or possibly obstruct fuel flow through the banjo bolt. If, after removing the gas cap, you are still not getting fuel, remove the gas line from the rear carburetor and with it positioned such that the gas will go on the ground (I know, environmental concerns! But we are desperate here, OK?), turn the key on. Vacuum leaks at manifold joints are common and should be checked for frequently. Both failed. If the carburetor gasket is blown, the air to fuel ratio will be off, and the motor will not combust properly. 320 minutes (it must take time to think before you write) and since you presumably read maybe 4 times as much as you post that might make 37. Seller: procarb (5,506) 99. However, our customers' experience and needs vary - a shop may want a very basic conversion kit, while an SU Needles Choosing the right metering needle for your SU carby shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack. Pulling out the choke again at this point and the car runs fine suggesting its running too weak? However no MG MGB Technical - Leaking SU Carb Problem Fixed I thought that I would share with the club the solution that I found for fuel leaking from the rear SU carburetor's overflow vent. Several types were developed, and used concurrently. Regarding ethanol, we seem to be seeing these issues: The carbs do need to run richer and we're not seeing more power on the dyno (less BTUs in ethanol). Air intake leaks around the carburetor, especially at the throttle body (base), can go undetected because another system usually gets blamed for an engine miss, sporadic rpm behavior, stalling and sometimes Before any serious work can be done on the carburettor it must be removed from the car; the worst enemy of the carburettor is dirt. The semi-downdraft carburetor types of carburetors, the direction of air flow is inclined from top to bottom, as at (d). Unlike other types of carburetor, which have fixed jets, The SU has only one jet, so the mixture setting affects the engine throughout Its speed ranges. The cracked Frame. 5mm below the level of the float chamber face. No way does my car need all 500cfm. 1 + ( 6 x 1/8) = 1 3/4 Inches, 1 + (8 x1/8) = 2 Inches. Check the bottom of the bowl for sediment and remove any by dislodging it with a small screwdriver. Re: SU carburettor needle comparison graph Post by Hugo » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:09 am rfs1957 wrote: Hugo - my calculation is that 932 posts in just over a year represents 9. interestingly, the second hand ones I found on fleabay were about the same price as a new one, KTM part number 60031003000, £14. Again, the primary purpose of this blog is to teach people about their SUs and to show the types of problems that are often encountered during a rebuild so that others can benefit from my experiences. We’ve made thousands of dyno pulls in our time. I have been recommending Rods to guys I know that have carbureted 4x4 rig's. He emphasized theimportance of a test of the alignment. Rebuilders Ltd. Save all fuel adjustments (and in this case cleaning) for last. Raise the pin on one carburettor approximately 1/32 in (0. As air is pulled down through the throat of the carburetor by intake vacuum, fuel is siphoned from the carburetor's fuel bowl and mixed with the incoming air to form a combustible mixture. 00 Due to problems I have had with postage I have been forced to make a couple Re: fuel leak su carburettor Post by cococola » Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:34 am The leak is certainly from the overflow hole. Full engine tuning can be carried out (ignition timing, contact breakers, spark plugs and leads) while the gas emissions are checked and reset. When an aeroplane equipped with such an engine performed a negative G force manoeuvre (pitching the nose hard down), fuel was forced up to the top of the carburettor's float chamber rather than down into the engine, leading to loss of power. A maddening problem until the float was removed and the fuel could be heard sloshing around inside. Slow jet - With the top off this is located on the top of the float bowl. The carburetor is generally retained by two bolts or a circular clamp on the inlet manifold. 25 rebuilt carburetor HS-2. The SU carb is also sometimes referred to as a variable choke, constant vacuum, or constant velocity The tapered needle is always on the move up/down as the engine runs, so the jet will never get clogged. or Hardi electric fuel pump whose actions are similar; thus general maintenance is the same. I had an intermittent, but substantial leak, from only the rear carburetor. - Bruce Cunningham, '53 XK120 OTS Dick: Sounds like the needle is not centered in the jet. 2 1400 4. SU Sensitivities Remember HS4/HIF4 SU carburetors, especially HIF4, are sensitive to ambient and coolant temperatures and really require some sort of heat exchanger or preheat device to assist in drivability problems during the engine "warm-up" period. Fuel flow into the carburettor float chamber is controlled by a usually effective ball valve design, however over time this system can be a potential problem area. I require two weeks to build one, as Ive sold the lamp pictured. We carry parts for most automotive, marine & agriculture carburetors. 1L to 1. Classic Mini - Misfiring and Troubleshooting the Engine - SU Carburettor Jets 06/21/2014 Over the past two years I've worked on Paddy's (1973 Mini 1000 with a 1380cc A+ engine) mechanical and cosmetic issues including replacing a head gasket, a bent push rod, and other non-engine related upgrades. A carburetor gas leak generally starts after a car has been sitting for many months. Poor Acceleration and Performance. The SU H4 carburetors have the float chamber connected to the main body of the carburetor with a banjo bolt and two rubber grommets (you can wiggle the float chamber a little). A lot of people make the mistake of over filling. may be reed values. I'd be inclined to suspect bad coil or rotor or OPUS module if venting float bowls to atmosphere produces no change in symptoms. Lynx soft mounts utilise Nitrile O-rings which are compatible with most fuels including E85. Carburettors on older Land Rovers seem to cause a disproportionate number of problems for owners. During normal driving and when coming to a stop the idle speed does not return to normal. Carburetor designers resolved this issue by incorporating an accelerator pump to squirt additional fuel into the air stream whenever the throttle was opened. If float levels are adjusted too high, fuel puddles at the top of the jet, allowing too much to be drawn into the engine, creating a rich condition. Check that the point indicated on the float is 1mm +/-0. Replace MTD 751-05118B, 951-05118B. With Amal, and most Mikuni carburetors, you are dealing with instruments that have multiple tuning stages. 6 in. Engine vibrations and resonance can cause the fuel in the float bowl to airate (or "froth"). While attending a JANE SU carburettor workshop, Gary Hagopian supervised us on rebuilding carbs. have a 1976 evinrude 70 hp. 90” fixed through to . This is intended to grow over time to become a very useful resource for all models of SU Carburettors, as fitted to many British classic cars such as Jaguar, MG, Morris, Austin, and more. The flange sizes vary depending on the size of carburetors. Internet Price $339. In most passenger cars, the downdraft carburetor is used. The SU carb is also sometimes referred to as a variable choke, constant vacuum, or constant velocity When it's at running temperature, find the 2 screws on your carburetor that adjust the air and fuel mixture. As long as there’s enough oil in the dashpot to give immediate resistance to upward motion of the piston upon acceleration, it’s sufficient. 8 in The most common variable venturi (constant depression) type carburetor is the sidedraft SU carburetor and similar models from Hitachi, Zenith-Stromberg, and other makers. Restore your vintage tractor with new aftermarket parts for many classic tractor brands. The SU carb gets around this problem with its variable venturi design; as more air passes through the venturi, the venturi size is increased such that the air velocity (and corresponding pressure drop) is constant. With regards to settling the needle valve I replaced the old one in the chamber lid and screwed in the needle body till tight and then put the inner needle inside. Some examples are vintage or collector cars, race cars, street rods, muscle cars and show cars. When an engine sits for a long period of time without be… SU Carburettor Gasket Packs. us BagWorld Vintage Jaguar custom made luggage and bags. Carburetor air leaks, typically known as vacuum leaks, can be one of the most baffling repair problems to solve. Some SUs also have exhaust emission-control devices to Comply with anti-pollution laws. To adjust the float level bend the brass arm which rest on the needle valve. You should first turn off the main fuel supply and drain the float chamber (some carburetors have a small screw in the chamber base with a hose for this purpose - see 'A'). Triple SU HD8 Carburetor Kit. It is sometimes shortened to carb in North America and the United Kingdom. I replace the one on my Cheney every 3 years or so. Carburetters, ready to ship Carburetters, and SU Fuel Pumps. £4. Warm the engine up, then shut it off: 1) Turn both carbs' adj. The metering needle should have a satin finish. SU Carburettor - Needle and Seat Fitting SU carburettors are simple and very reliable in service but they can suffer from a few basic drawbacks. Browse our library of automotive, truck, marine, industrial, and agricultural carburetor parts to find what you need for less. Corrosion occurs between the steel threads on the bolt and the aluminum threads in the lid. The choke linkage is towards the top of the picture (with return spring) and the throttle at the bottom. su-carbs. Part # 12-68 HOLDEN RED 202 TRIPLE SU CARBURETOR REDLINE MANIFOLD 12-68 THIS REDLINE MANIFOLD IS TO SUIT 9 PORT 202 MOTORS FITS 3 x 1 3/4" SU CARBURETORS . A carburetor that is delivering excessive fuel to the point of producing black smoke, is not only burning unnecessary fuel, but also producing unnecessarily excessive emissions. Video tutorial on inspection and rebuilding of the SU carburetor(s) fitted to MGBs prior to 1975, Triumph, Jaguar, Mini, Austin, Morris and many other British cars as well as classic Volvo and Saab. It can be VERY time consuming if you are dealing with varnish & crusty stuff that just so happens to get in all those little passages. The car had been running rough, even after a tuneup, and my regular shop suggested a carb rebuild. To adjust your idle speed, find the idle mixture screw that limits the flow of fuel at idle. With a fully staffed technical help department, helpful customer service reps, great product photos, helpful installation and repair videos, we are ready to help you restore your first antique tractor or your one hundredth. HS: View from the RHS of the car leaning over the engine. place my hand over the carb. Adjustment of these is described in adjusting an emission-control carburetor. 203 to 235mm. , but finally passed. I have never had problems with the stock SU float valves or floats. The Numbers. From rebuilding and remanufacturing original carburettors, to carburettors conversions and upgrades. The result is extra fuel being drawn into the air stream. Again, the throttle bracket and the relocated throttle and choke cables are clearly visible. Internet Price $1,299. 280 minutes spent on the Forum where the air is and isn’t meant to be within an engine. Loosen the screws on the People frequently visit this post hoping to find information on how much oil should be put into SU carburetor dashpots. The carburetor will also deliver the optimum air/fuel ratio throughout the engine’s RPM range to achieve peak horsepower and torque. 8L; and the KV6 V6 variation. 2 K16 3. 70 mm. As far as I am concerned, the ONLY way to tune SU carburetors is with an on-board exhaust analyzer ($100 bucks). BOI performance have been selling Pertronix Performance Products for over 15 years and we have been converting Distributors all this time with great results for just your SU Dashpot oil - manufactured for the specific application of SUs in STANDARD applications. 8 in I will also be listing sets of SU & Zenith Stromberg Rebuilt, Restored & bench Tested carbs & also complete carb, linkage & intake manifold setups. 1 1100 4. The stiff new springs, shocks and roll bar had caused stress cracks in the frame. Classic Austin / Morris Mini SU Carburettor 1 1/4” . which is surprisingly cheap for KTM! David McBride wrote: Has anyone sorted out the problem of the thermostatic control on the HD8 SU Carb, ie a manual choke conversion? You did not say, but I presume you have a Thermostatic Starting Carburettor (TSC, also called Thermo Carburettor, Auxiliary Enrichment Carburettor, or Auxiliary Starting Carburettor), as I do not think any of the completely different Auxiliary Enrichment Devices Multiple circuits, emulsion tubes (which bubble air through the fuel in an attempt to get it's density to change with the pressure drop) are their solution at minimizing the problem. A little grit between the piston and the dashpot can make the car jerk and sputter. 5 PSI). The problem was the cost, or finding a reputable company that would do it right, without plating the inside of the body as well. Clockwise, from left: We tested four setups on our MGB engine: 1 1 /2-inch SU HS4 carbs on a factory MGB intake manifold, a Weber 45 DCOE carb on a Pierce intake manifold, a Weber 32/36 DGV on a Pierce intake manifold, and 1 3 /4-inch SU HS6 carbs on a Maniflow intake manifold. You know what the worst part of it is? The actual cleaning of all the components. It's a big carburetor. 1 set per car. com. . Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have been working to reverse this and had the car running Hi all, I'm having problems setting up the twin SU HIF6 carbs on my Rover P6 V8 engine. All you have to do is match the carburetor flange to the manifold flange. All original types are now replaced with FZX1229T for all 197 2 on cars. Use this handy guide to identify what carburetor is on your classic. This delay in piston movement causes a momentary decrease in pressure at the throat, thus achieving a momentary increase in richness much the same as with an accelerator pump. It is a little on the thin side, but the whole engine tuning data for each engine is based on using this oil. mately -12 in end-float on the interconnection rod. 500 rev/min and check the throttle linkage for correct connection by re- carburettor servicing | carburettor tuning | carburettor reconditioning | Dellorto | SU | Stromberg | Solex Barney Gaylord (the MGA guru) says that all he does to check his SU oil level is simply to unscrew the plunger, start to withdraw it, and if there is resistance (due to the oil), then he screws it back down without taking it out. Please enjoy browsing this website especially the carburettor gallery page where you will see just a very small selection of SU Carbs I have Quality OEM SU Product. SU carbs are often blamed for problems that lie elsewhere. This way, you can check your car while you are driving it, on your roads (or track). SCOTTYS Supplier Library, Artisan Library & Technical Library. I had this replaced in 1985 with triple SU carbs found on Series one cars and apparently several other cars. 3 in. SU Midel has developed Haystack, a handy tool that can compare or match SU needles from 0. Unscrew it and pull it out, then push it back in. Welcome to SU. Internet Price $84. With the engine idling, direct the spray strongly around each clamp. 1 7/8 in. What this means is that the effective area of the carburetor venturi is variable, producing constant air velocity and constant pressure differential across the jet orifice. please Hook up a test light to the coil terminals so you can confirm that the ignition module is triggering the coil to fire at the same rate when it runs rough as it does when running smooth. at about half throttle the middle carburetor start to spit gas. Refit linkages and filters. Lamp creates a nice mood, and makes for a great conversation piece. Engine backfiring and overheating are other common symptoms of a potential problem with the carburetor. I’ve cleaned hundreds of carburetors in past 20+ years of wrenching. Obstructions such as varnish, two-stroke oil and ethanol gel can restrict or clog the jets in Rich Running Condition. Check the throttle shaft slop- this is the most common place for wear on an SU, and is often where air/vacumn leaks occur. That is, the venturi opening is automatically adjusted by sliding the suction piston in accordance with the change in When the engine is running, a vacuum is created in the SU carburetor venturi that pulls fuel out of the jet nozzle, mixing it with air and drawing it into the engine. It is an old maxim of the motor engineer that “90% of carburettor problems are electrical” which eloquently expresses the low probability of a carburettor problem causing unexpected breakdown and the greater probability that the problem is in the ignition system. 175 CDS & 175 CDUS Grose Jet Su H/Hs Carburettor - GAC9201X The latest design of needle valves, Grose-Jets, with their modern technology don't stick open like the old needle and valve units. Rod rebuilt my 1985 Toyota 4x4 aisan carburetor. In all the carburetors described so far, both float-type and floatless, a venturi is used to measure airflow, which it also restricts, and thereby causes a loss of power. Almost all imports are equipped with one of the many models of the S. (I also had to do other stuff, replace the catalytic converter, etc. Went to Rods with the original and he rebuilt it at less cost than the ones I ordered. 31. SU > SU Carburettor photos and information Posts Welcome to the relaunched Carb. It could be bolted to the left or to the right side. An intake manifold can also be either Square-Bore or Spread Bore. For most carburetors,Holley or otherwise, the air/fuel mixture screws should first be set to 1-1/2 turns outward before their final adjustment. Constant choke: With this type of carburettor the air-fuel mix is kept at constant pressure, with demand altering the provision of flow into the engine. Now hold down the central piston through the cylinder bore and unscrew the jet adjustment screw until you feel free play at the lever, then screw it back in one and a half turns. SU Tuning tips and rebuild information. . I recommend that the dashpots are filled with thin engine oil every 1,000 miles, and at the same time a few drops are accurately dripped onto each of the spindle ends and the accelerator linkages. 4 in. ” Safe for use on metallic, rubber, and plastic surfaces, this is an easy way to get all your parts clean in one fell swoop. 2 - Limits engine vibrations being transmitted to the carburettor. But a friend who used to race The Fish carburetor was invented by John Robert Fish and is often conflated incorrectly with the mythical 100 mpg carburetor. Finally, the linkage may artificially hold the throttle open. In updraft carburetor types of carburetors, the air enters the bottom or side of the carburetor and leaves at the top, as in the figure. The SU Reference Catalogue. (3) 3 product ratings - Carburetor 2 BB For Isuzu Amigo Pickup Impulse Caribe Trooper 88-89 4zd1 (1348) There is no enrichment pump on an SU carburetor - the extra fuel required is delivered by an increase in vacuum combined with the damping effect of the dashpot causing a rush of fuel into the venturi - 1 Check the fuel filter for a partial blockage 2 check both sides of the fuel pump are working as if an old pump goes down on one side the remaining pump will struggle to supply enough pressure su If your carburettor is not shown please contact us with your requirements: HD Type: HS Type: HS4C & HS8: HIF Type: STROMBERG. The specific needle for the application should be purchased separately. Table/ambiance lamp, made from SU carburetor parts, a salt & pepper shaker, sapele or mahogany, aluminum and brass. However, to get the absolute maximum power at top speed, a large diameter is needed to pass planty of air. There are cheaper options such as Speedograph, but generally these do more in the way of increasing induction noise than much else. This causes a lean air/fuel mixture fault. Fuel injection is gradually replacing carburetors in these nations too as they adopt emission regulations conceptually similar to those in force in Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America. If you have these carbs on your 240Z-trash them and get ZTherapy SU's. SU carburetors are marvelously simple devices that work wonderfully well, despite everything you have heard or even have experienced on old, worn-out British cars that are decades away from the condition they were in when they left the factory. Dirty piston or suction chamber; Piston is sticking; Bent metering needle; Jet is not centered; Perforated or hardened diaphragm (Z-S) Dashpot oil level is low; Dashpot oil is too thin; Ignition and engine problems; ENGINE LACKS POWER. I'm not sure I'd have bought one otherwise. U. 8mm). Damper oil temperature fine-tunes control of this. Common problems Mixture knob all the way lean and the carb still too rich: The most common cause is worn metering needle or nozzle. Very often it is necessary to add a separate return spring just to overcome the resistance in the TR3 accelerator linkage. John H. 8-( The article, and its content line-by-line, are also a Installation problems with the SU conversion "I purchased a Phoenix SU HIF6 carburettor conversion kit for my '72 Commando. Suffice it to say that as time went on, carburetors became very complicated devices. The increased engine displacement and compression demanded more than the stock carburetors and stock ignition could deliver. Rebuild kits, pumps, bands, bushings, seals. 0 . Most air fuel mixture screws are located on the side of the carburetor, but it depends on the specific engine. 5 in. . (Exception: discounting the horrible early era of the US federally mandated emission control devices. The car drives fine when cold on choke but when warmed up it's reluctant to pull above 3000 rpm. It's a pretty impressive carb to look at - with 4 chokes. It's not that hard - and yet! Most people understands the basic function of the carburetor, but it's a long hard road to learn to adjust it properly. U. If, OTOH, you put a later type throttle plate in an earlier carb, the throttle plate cannot close completely because the throttle shaft hardware will fetch up on the carburetor body, right beneath the idle screw, so it will be impossible to get the idle speed down to where it belongs. Problems experienced which can be attributed to a carburettor fault include excessive fuel consumption, difficult starting when hot, lack of power, black exhaust smoke, uneven idling speed and engine stalling. 32. The H (Horizontal) SU carburettor is one the most used carburettors on British cars in the early fifties. By use of the internal vent, we are able to maintain this balance between the pressure pushing down on top of the fuel in the float bowl with the pressure of the SU Carburettors are a focal point in the engine bay so it really does give the 'wow' factor when they are fully restored and looking better than new; some find the Twin SU Carbs especially so. One of the problems is that although most carburetters look alike there are multitudes of detail differences. ) . If you get fuel flow now, then the trouble is in the carbs (stuck float, etc). I had this replaced in 1985 with triple SU carbs found on Series one cars and apparently several other cars. Many issues can cause this symptom, but sometimes improper choke operation is Lift the top off with care: the float hangs from it and its pivot arm is easily bent, which will upset the critical fuel level in the chamber and cause either fuel starvation or flooding of the carburettor (See Adjusting an SU carburettor). The carburettor dilemma To run the engine smoothly at low speeds, air must pass through the carb fast enough to pick up fuel and atomise it properly. nuts all the way in (lean) 2) Turn both carbs' adj. com. provides custom restorations of S. • If engine speed increases, mixture too rich. Our version is manufactured from aluminium rather than plastic, in order to transfer heat from the inlet manifold up into HNJ2286-SU-4CYL - Land Rover Series Carburettor Adaptor. The idle speed screw may be worn or leaking. 5 HIF38 carburetor service rebuild kit. 1 K8 Engine 3. Because of the pressure differential above and below the piston, the piston will rise! Good Morning Experts, I have a 1969 XKE Series II originally this car came with dual Stromberg carburetors. It consists of the devices for starting, idling normal Mike's Carburetor Parts. SU Carburettor Service Kits. If I give the pedal a quick goose it will return to the normal 700 RPM. Please use our product search boxes below to find your Carburettor, Fuel Pump or spare part for your vehicle or have a look around our store to find a range of accessories to fill your needs! SU carburettors are very simple to adjust, but please resist the temptation to fiddle with them unnecessarily. U. This can be remedied by replacing your carburettors or by reaming out your carburettor bodies and fitting oversize throttle shafts. Make sure vacuum hoses are good and not loose or cracked. This post contains A PDF which details the recommendations of the MG Owners Club. 95 See description. The carburetor is where the fuel mixes with the air to be burnt. The engine idles between 1000 and 1500 RPM. We are The Worlds Sole Manufacturer of Genuine SU Carburettors, Fuel Pumps and Spares. S. . SU Carburettor Rebuild Kits. Today's post is about my recent rebuild of a pair of H-6 carburetors from a Triumph TR3B. Consisting of 3 gauze screens to provide some protection and engine. The standard failure for Grose-Jets is to flood the carburetor. The metal that carburetors are made of is even softer than that of engine crankcases, so they are at much more risk yet of stripped threads than are crankcases. This pulls up the piston pulling the tapered fuel needle out of a hole (the main jet) containing a petrol feed, the more suction the bigger the effective hole to spill petrol into the inlet manifold. SU Carb Dashpot Oil The purpose of the SU damper is to retard the rapid upward movement of the piston on the rapid throttle opening associated with acceleration. U. For example let’s consider a worn needle jet. 1 Sticking or faulty needle valve or float. That is on engines that are completely standard as the manufacturer produced them. HNJ278162 - Carburettor Spacer, Aluminium HNJ Engineering brings you a remanufactured equivalent of 278162 Carburettor, Spacer as fitted to the 2. Solex carburetor is a down draught type carburetor. MLP Carburettors PTY LTD ABN: 39 087 274 217 7 Lakeside Ave Reservoir, Victoria 3073 Hitachi / SU HJL38W - HJE38W Carburettor Kit Suit: 1974/76 Datsun 1600SSS, 180BSSS, L16, L18 Kit will service both carburettors. . I used some 5W 20 synthetic oil that i was given by my neighbour who has a motorbike and thought this would be alright. su carburettor hs6 in excellent condition as only used once or twice. For ordering or buying the right parts for your carburetor you will need to know the type of needle and the jet size. Allowing the throttle and choke connections of Mini carburettors to be strong and stable, we have a number of Mini linkage parts from the renowned manufacturer, SU. com. Carburetor Problem 1964 MGB A problem has just developed with my SU carburetors on my 1964 MGB engine. 95. CLASSIC MINI HIF38 & HIF44 CARBURETTOR ABUTMENT BRACKET CAM4942 SU CARB 3N4. Mike's Carburetor Parts is the number one online retailer for all carburetor parts for popular brands. With a boiling point near 85 °C (octane boils about 40 °C higher), it was well-suited for early carburetors (evaporators). After applying aforementioned freer-breathing products to enhance power output, many complain that no matter what - including post rolling-road tuning - they can not get a satisfactory, steady idle setting. I recommend that the dashpots are filled with thin engine oil every 1,000 miles, and at the same time a few drops are accurately dripped onto each of the spindle ends and the accelerator linkages. A ram-air-pressurized float bowl got around the problem of fuel slosh starvation and a vaporization slot metered fuel automatically according to airflow without jets. Hello and welcome to my auction! Please read the whole listing please before placing a bid You are bidding on a Classic Austin / Morris Mini ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!!! - from 25. 4 Power Steiner Tractor Parts sells new parts for old tractors. 1 Check the following: (a) Remove the vent pipe from the Many customers complain about cold starting challenges with their British car. Often a faulty spark plug, wire, sticking ignition points or sticking, improperly-adjusted or leaking valves can mistakenly be diagnosed as carburetor trouble. Symptoms of a Bad Carburetor Lean Running Condition. SU's work on the principle that fuel is let into the engine in response to the level of suction in the inlet manifold. Be careful to keep the parts for each carburetor separated and do not intermix them, and be very carefulnot to damage the piston needles. Size 3” Dia. Also check the level of oil in the dashpot - the domed piston chamber at the top of the carburettor. Another common problem is “spitting back” through the carburetor. 3 Main open-throttle circuit 4. You are here. 1 Word origin 2 History and development 3 Principles 4 Operation 4. 34. £28. Written by John H Twist – 2010-11-15 Other carb problems can also occur. SU Carb Linkages and Return Springs. Dirty piston and suction chamber In this video we explain the 3 most common things that can go wrong with SU Carburetor floats. Most engine problems are caused by incorrect timing or points out of adjustment. Before you start taking things apart, take a minute to confirm the carburetor is the In this video, Ed D'Arata, Mini Mania's SU Carburetor genius, goes through the differences between the various SU Carbs found on classic Minis, Sprite & Midgets, and Morris Minors. SU CARBURETTORS - How SU Carburetors Work Created: September 01, 2000 Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning. Typically it will be only one of these stages that is causing the problem of fouling a plug. These are carburetors that I am completely unfamiliar with. K. Is there an adjustment on the needle or is it just through the The secret to the SU’s adaptability and precision is the variable venturi created by the moving piston housed in its signature dome. Two ball bearings replace the original pointed tipped device and as they constantly rotate are not prone to wearing out, becoming blocked or sticking. Hold the carburettor in an inverted position so that the needle valve is held in the shut position by the weight of the float. ZTherapy 240Z SU Carburetor Spotter's Guide This is not a carb-It is a boat anchor! June1972 240Z to all 260Z's (US) Flattop "Hitachi" Evil things, these square mouthed carbs. 95 Morris Minor Su Hs4 Carb Service Kit Waxstat Type Thru 1980. To allow your distributor's vacuum-advance unit to operate properly, the hose should connect to a ported vacuum source(usually on the side) and not direct vacuum(usually on the bottom or base). Solve most lawnmower or other small engine starting problems with a simple diagnosis and a carburetor cleaning or rebuilding. 3 1600 4. SU carbs hardly ever just go wrong, although parts do gradually wear * When added to the number 1, these numbers are multiplied by 1/8 of an Inch which will give the size of the carburetor. 1 - Seals the carburettor to the manifold. Description of Solex Carburetor. Early versions of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine came equipped with an SU carburettor. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The SU Carburettor High Performance Manual (SpeedPro Series) at Amazon. Another cause of gas leaks is the needle valve not closing when the chamber is full, which allows it to overflow. SU Carburettor Gasket Packs. Common SU problems: Overflowing fuel bowls The fuel feed is a low pressure (2-3 PSI) system with a simple float and needle valve controlling the flow into the fuel bowl. Serving the Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and other Land Rover communities worldwide. The end result is a constant vacuum across the jet bridge. Incorrect adjustment can produce any of the previously noted symptoms. This leaves the others to deal with the wrong grade plug. 95 Morris Minor 1. SU. Welcome to the WHAT ARE THE BEST SU CARBURETTOR NEEDLES FOR AN MGB. 6 in. nuts out three turns (richen) For many TR6 owners, original Zenith Stromberg carbs create a lot of problems, and one solution is to switch to an SU carb using a conversion kit. 7 in. I ordered two carburetors, one online and one from an automotive store. Joe is known nationally as well as internationally as an authority on SU carburetors. Joe is known nationally as well as internationally as an authority on SU carburetors. Gasket not included. of the carburettor are (respectively) the fuel inlet, fuel overflow and breather tube. uk Auto Tran Automatic transmission parts for 1953-1974 Jaguars. Adustable high speed main jet, adjustable throttle lever, manual choke. Always start a tune up with setting the valves (on a cold engine) then go completely through the ignition settings (replace components, set points, set timing). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Su Carburetors at Amazon. Andrew Turner Carburetor Rebuilt SU carburetors and SU carburetor parts. We carry a range of Holley, Weber and Dellorto tuning components and carburettors. If your bike is in fairly standard trim start from the factory settings as found below. Our testing has shown that maximum power from a bridge ported 12A engine with a Weber 48 IDA carburetor is about 250 HP, while a suitable Holley carburetor on the same engine Remove the four screws attaching the carburetor suction chambers (piston covers) to each carb; then remove the chambers, piston springs, and pistons. This non-chlorinated, nonflammable carb cleaner gets to work on all that gunk and grime, quicker than you can say “best carburetor cleaner. The quick and dirty answer is that it’s not critical. In other words, if there is resistance, then it has enough oil. Anything else is groping in the dark. Many companies make exhaust analyzers today. I haven’t worked on mini’s since the mid-90’s, but if I remember correctly, that SU carb has a center plunger that sits in an oil reservoir. 125”. You will experience a huge increase of power, mileage, and less breakdowns! SU carburettors parts are widely available, so you should not have any problem sourcing the service parts you need. 33. A carburetor uses intake vacuum to supply fuel to the engine. Buy SU Carburettors & Parts and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Derived from an AMAL product this air screen has been adapted to fit the 1” SU OM Type Carburettor. 4 1800 5 References 6 All carburetors will employ an internal vent which is in a sense a balance tube balancing the pressure on top of the fuel with the pressure of the air as it is entering the carburetor. Our company is based in San Diego, CA with 40 years of experience behind our team! Thank you for your business. 35. also the engine open on up and run good. Joe will be at the Abingdon Spares shop in Deep River, Connecticut, for an informal presentation on SU carbs of all types. Fuel sitting in the carburetor evaporates, causing the float to drop and the valve to open. 95 On petrol engines, fuel injection replaced carburetors from the 1980s onward. Please check back to see my competitive pricing. 1 Design history 2 Head gasket problems 3 Engine Management 3. This is the air fuel mixture screw. Re: Difference between SU H2 and HS2 Carburettor Post by brucek » Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:33 pm B**gger the appointment at the Council - you take your eye off the screen for a while and you miss all the fun! The Aisan carburetor has several jets. SU website. Joe will be at the Abingdon Spares shop in Deep River, Connecticut, for an informal presentation on SU carbs of all types. The SU carb is a semi-downdraft, variable venturi carburetor—semi-downdraft because the carb tilts toward the engine and variable venturi because the size of the venturi varies. Then start cleaning the carbs if it's not running right. If you don't see what you are looking for, or can't find anything listed for your car. From here you can experiment with jets and needles. 95 A carburetor (American and Canadian spelling), carburator, carburettor, or carburetter (Commonwealth spelling) is a device that blends air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. Carburettor mounting bush kit (for one carb. com website and whilst I'd be happy to outsource to them, I'd rather not have to ship to the US and back and at the current currency conversion rate it will be rather expensive. It is very easy to wreck the As we already know the function of carburetor: It combines air and fuel creating a highly combustible mixture, Carburetors regulate the ratio of air and fuel, and; Carburetors control the engine’s speed. Therefore a small choke diameter is preferred. Carburetor floods Idle speed is excessive Check diaphragm for cracks or distortion and check nylon check ball for function if available Engine hunts (at idle or high speed) In disassembling old SU carbs, the inlet banjo bolts are probably the most difficult fittings to remove. This got me worried, as the MGB comes with twin sidedraft SU carburetors. The Fish design was ingeniously simple. The throttle will not behave properly either. SU Carburetor History: Back in the early 70’s, Rivera got its start when Mel Magnet (The Founder of Rivera Engineering) took off SU carburetors from some British cars and did some magic to adapt them to Harleys. 1 7/8 in. Factory Early S. After much delay I have relaunched the Carb. Primary & Seconday main jets, located at the bottom of the flow bowl. Wash out the bowl with clean petrol and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. 4 in. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Carburetor Repair locations in Orland Park, IL. 3 KV6 4 Model range 4. Run the engine at 1. More air means higher RPMs. Air rushes out of that chamber above the piston, leading to a vacuum in that area! Additionally, note the hole that connects the chamber below the piston, to atmospheric pressure. 211-345 Library | SU Carburetters Tuning Tips & Techniques| Factory workshop manual for SU carburetors and fuel pumps. SU Carburettor Rebuild Kits. The 'accelerator pump' of the SU. If the level of fuel in the float bowl rises too high, it will wipe out the Section 8 gnome housing in the lower parts of the carb. The SU carb is a semi-downdraft, variable venturi carburetor—semi-downdraft because the carb tilts toward the engine and variable venturi because the size of the venturi varies. Anyway this car has been in my garage under cover for the last 17 years and would not run for a variety of reasons. We are your carburettor remanufacturing and conversion specialist since 1989. The metal in the lid is a thin domed shell without much strength in resisting torque. 7 in. Hi Everyone, So 1 thing I want to do is rebuild my SU carbs, I've been looking at the Ztherapy. If this carburetor is used on a bridge ported engine, the only problem is lack of sufficient power, partly because it is too small, and partly because of intake losses. If it immediately falls, mixture too weak. In order to correctly set the idling speed, remove both the air hose and the damper from the top of the SU carburettor. Actually a little We see more trouble with fuel boiling after the engine is shut down and heat soaks the carbs. There are examples of new carburetors being put on cars, driven home and 90 days later they would not start or “run right” due to corrosion in the This could be observed by the engine sputtering or stumbling. Something that crops up when any modifications are made to an engine - mainly in the form of improving induction and exhaust capability - is that of idle quality. The model HJL38W6 carburetor is of a horizontal, variable venturi type, which is used in the L16 and L18 engines. Problems such as non-starting, flooding, misfiring and electrical faults can be addressed at your home or local garage. 16th Edition 2012. Linkage parts . SU Carburetors is the web presence of Island Automotion Ltd. I have been working to reverse this and had the car running Polishing SU Carburettors I got tired of trying to find a place to chrome plate my carburettors so they would look as good as some of the one's I've seen at shows. Unfortunately, and more often than just occasionally, almost every owner has seen the bowls overflow (caused by contaminants or possibly moon phase, holding open the bowl How to Diagnose and Repair Carburetor Problems by Larry Carley copyright 2019 AA1Car. 60 Oversized shafts for SU carburettors Worn throttle shafts and carburettor bodies cause bad idle and uneven running. com. In addition, we also stock spare parts for both Carburetters and Fuel Pumps. You should feel resistance almost the whole way in. 70 mm. We are passionate about carburetor repairs and we want to share our passion with you. Ex. Otherwise overflow may be caused by excess fuel pressure (greater than 4. The oil is there to slow the movement of the piston. David McBride wrote: Has anyone sorted out the problem of the thermostatic control on the HD8 SU Carb, ie a manual choke conversion? You did not say, but I presume you have a Thermostatic Starting Carburettor (TSC, also called Thermo Carburettor, Auxiliary Enrichment Carburettor, or Auxiliary Starting Carburettor), as I do not think any of the completely different Auxiliary Enrichment Devices SU Carburetor Damper Oil Dashpot Oil Volvo Amazon 122 122S 1800 142 144 PV 444 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - SU Carburetor Damper Oil Dashpot Oil Volvo Amazon 122 122S 1800 142 144 PV 444 The carb heater on a ktm 950 is a neat little brass screw-in affair. 11 reviews of Nor-Cal Carburetor Co "Greg rebuilt the carburetor on my 1987 Honda Accord DX hatchback, after I failed a smog test. SU Carburettor Service Kits. This kit can also be used to convert cars which has the factory Stromberg Morris Minor SU front 1. Cleaning a Carburetor in 8 Easy Steps!: The carburetor is the most common problem area in all small engines. This occurs because the damper's slowing of piston lift speed increases the depression over the jet hole. Not all KTM’s had the heater kit fitted ( this is a pic of the kit), so they are readily available on the net. Fuel injectors for most cars. It is secured to the body of the carburettor by 3 grub screws. 95 postage. The final development was the SU injection carburettor which injected fuel into the supercharger using a fuel pump driven as a function of crankshaft speed and engine pressures; although this was fitted to the 100 series Merlins, which were not used in production Spitfires, it was used in the Griffon 60 and 80 series. 1. please pay within 72 hours unless agreed otherwise. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing carburetor is a reduced engine performance. The UK's location of the SU and Zenith -Stromberg companies helped these carburetors rise to a position of domination in the UK car market, though such carburetors were also Adjusting a SU carburetor. Find 26 listings related to Carburetor Repair in Orland Park on YP. 1 Basics 4. The end result is a constant vacuum across the jet bridge. A decent fuel system will also make your Land Rover a lot easier to live with. SU carburettors are well known and very easy to source, so other sources aren't a problem. The result was bad steering problems, hesitation off the line and a severe knocking problem. Find the flat-headed, slotted, gold-colored brass screw on the carburetor. 25 Su Hs2 New Twin Carburetors. amy advice will be helpful. My problem is that on each carburettor the amount the jet lever has to move until it touches the fast idle lever varies from one carb to another so basically one carb opens the throttle before the others The various levers are set in position on their spindles by being drilled and pegged so there is no adjusting that. Glimmerveen. Morris Minor SU HS2 Carburettor Rebuild Kit 1098cc (1962-1970) £56. CD 125-150-175 . Whatever is the least resistance that is where the gas will go. It appears -- and this is just conjecture -- that Grose-Jets work best in cars with adjustable floats, as they are longer than the stock SU float valves. SU Carburetters The SU carburetter is a very simple device, but it does suffer from wear, and it benefits from regular attention. For carburetor-equipped vehicles that sit more than they run, ethanol is a serious problem. Typical details of this model were: The float chamber was bolted sideways to the carburettor body. Internet Price $112. What this means is that many owners have a tendency to diagnose any starting or running problems as carburettor problems, but this is rarely ever the case. On the TR3 and TR4 linkage there are several points of articulation and bearing. A small amount of leakage can be tolerated, the car just won't idle as evenly. I trial fitted the carburettor/manifold combination and bumped into a couple of problems:-(1) The throttle cable attachment was severely mis-aimed, promising a poor action & short life. Good Morning Experts, I have a 1969 XKE Series II originally this car came with dual Stromberg carburetors. . Repeat for second carburettor then re-check both since they are interdependent. 3 in. Black, puffy exhaust and carbon-fouled plugs are the hallmarks of a rich running condition. Backfiring or overheating. Carburetors, 70-72 240Z Quantity in Basket:none Code: 11-3001 Price:$859. ). A carburetor can be either Square-Bore or Spread Bore. Notes: Original HIF4 type of carburettor. The K-Series engine is a series of engines built by Powertrain Ltd, a sister company of MG Rover. Loose carburetor mounting ; Sunken float; Ignition and engine problems; POOR ACCELERATION. thank you kindly,san A good tune means the engine should start and idle without stalling, and respond instantly when the pedal hits the metal. The carburetor remains in use in developing countries where vehicle emissions are unregulated and diagnostic and repair infrastructure is sparse. Tuning vs. The engine was built in two forms: a straight-four cylinder, available with SOHC and DOHC, ranging from 1. Carburetion problems can be boiled down to no fuel at all, not enough fuel (lean), too much fuel (rich) or fuel delivered to only half of the cylinders. co Carburetor for MTD 751-05118B 951-05118B Fits MTD Engine Model 375-SU 675-QU and 675-QUA Fits MTD engine model 375-SU, 675-QU and Fits MTD engine model 375-SU, 675-QU and 675-QUA. There is a fuel feed problem that can cause this symptom. 36. It will only take a few hours, and you'll avoid the minimum $70-plus-parts repair bill. 25 petrol engine. that something in the accelerator linkage is the problem. The picture with the SU in three positions is an H-type carburettor. I've never had big problems with the Amals other than they do wear out. In 1974, Custom Chopper Magazine sponsored the “Search for King Carb” shoot-out between all the top carburetors back then to Restorer providing SU carbs restoration and servicing of carburettor. On multicylinder machines, with separate carburetors for each cylinder, the following symptoms are typical of an adjustment problem: SU Carburetters The SU carburetter is a very simple device, but it does suffer from wear, and it benefits from regular attention. please leave feedback when your receive your item PLEASE DO NOT leave neg feedback if there is a problem. Give your Mini carburettor the best opportunity to deliver high quality mixtures with our selection of dashpot springs for the classic Mini. www. What Causes Carburetor Flooding SU Carburetors. opening and the spitting stop. Is it the carburettor? There is an old adage that 'nine out often carburettorproblems are of an electrical nature'. Buyer pays for shipping, unless local. SU Carburettors Tips & Techniques . su carburettor problems